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Oriental Rug Cleaning

We clean oriental and wool rugs, too!

Just like upholstery, it is important to check the type of fabric to make sure the right type of chemical is used!


1) Vacuum
2) Brushing in preparation to spray the solution
3) Spray specific soultion (Neutral 7Ph, Low 5.5 or High Ph 10.5) based on the fabric
4) Hang the rug for inspection
5) Fringes are cleaned by hand
6) Dry carpet with cotton pads
7) Dupont Teflon applied as final step (Option)

For oriental and wool rugs, we can either do the job on the premise or take the rug back to our shop and bring it back to you after it's clean. The decision is yours. Added charges may apply for pick-up/drop-off delivery.